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Live in Poland

by bBb [Ola Rubin+Martin Küchen]

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Martin Küchen sopranino saxophone, multi band radio, mutes, percussion, 78rpm records
Ola Rubin trombones, multi band radio, selected reeds, 78rpm records

”im obraz precyzyjniejszy, tym odleglejszy od rzeczywistości; pełne unaocznienie jest pełnym wprowadzeniem w błąd; wzrost widoczności oznacza zanik bytu”
Witold Wirpsza (1918-1985)

Taking the early morning ferry from Trelleborg, Sweden, then six hours later approaching the port of Swineousje/Swinemünde, we gradually realised we had hit a solid heatwave - maybe the warmest day ever in modern Polish history was about to kick us forward, one way or the other - and in one of the traffic jams just outside the destination for our first day´s travel - Szczecin/Stettin - the temperature in the Volvo-99 was 41 degrees Celsius...bah, we were sweating all right, but otherwise in a perfect mood.
It was Monday the 27th of June 2022 and we had another five days to spend together: snoring in shared hostel rooms, which we mostly could not find; being very well hosted by close friends; moving two old gramophones and a quite heavy reel-to-reel tape machine up and down to cellars and basements, packing it all in and out of our crammed Volvo; seeing my big hand drum collapsing in the mesmerising car heat, with the already broken skin drying out bit by bit; continuously sweating on stage in a manner not really suited to the insect-sounding world of bBb; tropical thunderstorms and winds in Lodz; dogs in the small audience, disadvantageously commenting from time to time on the two Swedish invaders holding the impromptu stage in their strange-sounding iron grip - only to let go forty five minutes later.
Then we almost missed the ferry back home because of a hilariously full roadside McDonalds, where our order got missed and sixty people were forcing themselves to the front of the counter in a fury, being loud and whatnot - so Ola, after that, has to drive at 160 km/hour for quite a bit with the lousy hamburger, that I finally managed to get us, lying beside him on the floor in the car....and eventually being eaten by him - cold and ugly - in the queue for the ferry seventy five minutes after being shovelled around by the staff in that over-crowded post-modern junk-eating establishment:, the car finally coming to a standstill and the worst hamburger in his life was first to be chewed, swallowed and then digested; I was the happy spectator and partner in crime.
Martin Küchen

Touring Poland summer of 2022. bBb in my car. Packed with Windup gramophone players, reel-to-reel recorder, instruments and a lot of 78’s. No AC! 37+ degrees outside. Thousands of degrees inside the car. Sunburned legs. Even hotter… Szczecin, Krakow, Kielce, Lodz. Beautiful places and wonderful people. Such joy. Thousands of kilometres on the highways. The heat! The trucks. The stops. All the barszcz, zurek and pierogi. Even hotter. Burning up. Great time. Thank you all!
Ola Rubin


released February 6, 2023

recorded live between 27 June to 01 July 2022 in Szczecin, Krakow, Kielce and Łódź onto a two track reel-to-reel tape recorder using recycled Scotch magnetic tape

a short film is here... youtu.be/kElHfs2OETw

recording, editing, tour photographs and artwork by bBb

thanks to Dariusz Startek @Winyle FM [Szczecin], Jarek Łukaszewicz @Defibrylator [Kielce], Pawel Sokolowski @Kipisz [Łódź], and Marcin Barski @Baza [Krakow].
special thanks to Marcin Barski, Pawel Sokolowski and Paulina Owczarek for help with organising the tour.

Live in Poland "The technique of infamy is to start two lies at once and get people arguing heatedly over which is the truth" [Küchen/Rubin - StiM]


quote from Ezra Pound


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