1. Barkeology! vol 2: Our Traditional Values and Unicorn

  2. tape 1: No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear
    bBb [Martin Küchen+Ola Rubin]

  3. from ten, two and three +improvisation
    Cranc [Angharad Davies, Nikos Veliotis, Rhodri Davies] and Derek Bailey

  4. Barkeology! vol 1: Harmfulodics and more Celibacy

  5. live at the 13th Note Glasgow 11/11/2001

  6. Drop me off at 96th
    Derek Bailey

  7. Center Plain
    Office Products [Doug Theriault+David Chandler]

  8. Quartet 1998, Trio 1997

  9. molar
    Rex Casswell+Andrew Sharpley

  10. solo live in Kyoto 1992
    Otomo Yoshihide [大友良英]

  11. London 1996
    Steve Beresford+Otomo Yoshihide

  12. London 1993
    The Recedents [Mike Cooper, Lol Coxhill, Roger Turner]

  13. The Lincoln Stretch Bike Carrier
    Kazuhisa Uchihashi+Roger Turner

  14. Casa de Nelson e Benedita
    Nelson dos Santos, Benedita Duarte, Thomas Rohrer, Cicero Alves

  15. collaboration
    George Burt+Neil Davidson+Jer Reid

  16. Fish of the Week
    Steve Beresford

  17. In the Throat of the Machine
    Mark Vernon

  18. Brixton Duets
    Mark Browne+Lol Coxhill

  19. London 1995+1996
    Adam Bohman, Jonathan Bohman, Mark Browne, Lol Coxhill

  20. St Mary's Aylesbury 1991
    Adam Bohman, Mark Browne, Lol Coxhill, Trevor Davis, Steve Nash

  21. Hardly New You
    Prants [Chris Cooper+Bhob Rainey]

  22. file 4: Dialogues about Calorie

  23. Carve Another Notch

  24. duo at Kuku 19/09/2004
    Moqu+Homei Yanagawa

  25. Expanded live at Art Tower Mito

  26. London 1993+1992
    Derek Bailey+John Stevens

  27. live at the Adelphi Leeds 08/11/1996
    Derek Bailey+the XIII Ghosts

  28. Giganti Reptilicus Destructo Beam
    the XIII Ghosts

  29. The Beginning of the Life of Rimbaud
    Kathy Acker

  30. four Early Sonatas for piano and violin
    Veryan Weston+Phil Durrant

  31. live at the 13th Note Glasgow 1998+1999
    Ticklish [Phil Durrant, Kev Hopper, Richard Sanderson]

  32. live at the CCA Glasgow 04/09/1999
    Olaf Rupp+Thomas Lehn

  33. September Songs
    The Two Monarchs [Tony Bevan+Richard Youngs]

  34. live at the 13th Note Glasgow 13/07/1998
    Tony Bevan+Brian Lavelle+Richard Youngs

  35. twisters
    Tony Bevan, Alexander Frangenheim, Steve Noble

  36. One night in Glasgow
    Lol Coxhill+Pat Thomas

  37. Duo (and Solos)
    Lol Coxhill+Pat Thomas

  38. live at the 13th Note Glasgow 08/12/1999
    Lol Coxhill+Pat Thomas+Bill Wells+Lindsay Cooper

  39. to Elsie
    Lol Coxhill+Lindsay Cooper

  40. Divers Memories
    Adam Bohman, Nick Couldry, Max Eastley

  41. Glasgow 11-14/08/1998
    The Bohman Brothers

  42. live at the 13th Note Glasgow 20/11/1999
    Voice Crack

  43. live at the 13th Note Glasgow 05/03/2000
    Negative Entropy

  44. live at the CCA Glasgow 03/09/1999
    Asmus Tietchens

  45. Der Brief 1996/1997
    John Hegre, Nils Are Drønen, Jørgen Larsson

  46. live at the 13th Note Glasgow 05/06/1999
    Vibracathedral Orchestra+Neil Campbell+Richard Youngs

  47. live at the 13th Note Glasgow 12/12/1998

  48. live at the 13th Note Glasgow 2002+2000
    Richard Youngs+Makoto Kawabata

  49. at The Club Room (for Simon H Fell)

  50. live at the 13th Note Glasgow 1999

  51. Chime Ampersand

  52. live at the 13th Note Club Glasgow 09/09/2000
    Jackie-O Motherfucker

  53. live at the Old Hairdressers Glasgow 31/05/2014
    Bridget Hayden+Robert Millis


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